Branches In Jordan

Sajeda International has 13 Branches in Jordan , check their details:

1- City Mall Branch

The store is located in the biggest commercial mall in Amman called city mall, it is the nearest mall to Amman Airport and located at Al Madina Al Tebbiya street. Sajeda store facing the cash area of carrfour.

Phone no.+962 6 5852276

2- Maxim Mall Branch

Maxim mall is located in Amman, at Jabal Al Hussein, near Firas circle, it is very active area. Sajeda has two branches there, one for Hijabs and Scarves located at the first floor and the second branch is located at the second floor.

Phone no. +962 6 4648042

3- Mecca Mall Branch:

Mecca Mall is located in Amman at Mecca street, in West Amman, it is the biggest commercial mall in Amman and the place for all international brands, sajeda store is in the second floor.

Phone no.+962 6 5561319

 4- Tela'e Al Ali Branch:

Our branch in Tela'e Al Ali is beside Aramex company, building no.11, Khalil Salem street.

Phone No.+ 962 6 5371875

5- Istiklal Mall branch:

Istiklal Mall is located in Amman, in Istiklal Street, serving most of East Amman people, Sajeda store is located in the ground floor.

Phone no.+962 6 5601586


Addition to other Brachnes listed below:

6- Zarqa branch, at king Abdullah Street, building no.57, in the markets area. phone no.+962 5 3967660

7- Zarqa Branch 2, at King Feusal street, Arsalan markets. phone no.+962 5 3998734

8- Zarqa Branch 3, at the end of King Adbullah street, beside Ahmed Almasri. phone no.+962 5 3931605

9- Al-Hashmi Branch, located at Amman- Al-Hashmi El Shamali, at Rasheed Al Hasan street, building 159, phone no.+962 6 4908484

10- Nazzal Branch, Located at Amman, Nazzal area, at Addustour street, phone no.+962 6 4397882

11- Irbid Branch 1, at Cinema street, beside commercial bank, phone no.+962 2 7247422

12- Irbid Branch2, at Arabella Mall, ground floor, phone no.+962 2 7279300

13-Irbid Branch 3, at AlHuson street, fashion center building, phone no.+962 2 7259300